Album Review: Shelby by Lil Skies

Image result for shelby lil skies
“lil skies shelby” by Rhyme Hip Hop; Some rights reserved

Shelby is the second studio album by Lil Skies. The album features guest from Gunna, Gucci Mane and Landon Cube. When I first listened to it, I honestly thought it was trash. But I never base my judgment on the first listen, which is I why I listen to albums at least three times. By the second listen, it started to grow on me more. Songs that I didn’t like in the beginning started to appeal to me more. Even though I still have mixed feelings in the end, there were some songs that I started listening on a daily basis because of how much I liked them. The good songs were so great that they uplifted more my opinion on this album.

My favorite songs are: “Ok 4 Now”, “Mansion”, “Blue Strips”, “Breathe” and “Nowadays Pt .2”. I really liked the beats, tempo, and flow from each of them. In my opinion they are the best tracks from the album. Still, from the 14 tracks, it seems that half of them are good and the other ones are either decent or trash. The reason why I think that some of them are trash is because he really doesn’t say anything. The songs don’t have substance and aren’t really catchy. However, I do think that he is gonna improve and make better music in the future. In his first album, Life of a Dark Rose, we saw that Skies was more of a hit maker, with “Nowadays”, “Red Roses” and “Lust. But in this album he showed me that he can actually rap and improve his overall skills when it comes to music. This album was a good sophomore album for Skies, he can only go up from here.


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